Grant Writing

Grants Calendar

For any grant cycle, an organization will need to look for funding opportunities they qualify for. The Grants Calendar that would provide a health list of funding opportunities that are specific to your organization's needs.

Orginazational Information

While working through the grant writing process it is necessary for the grant writer to collect information from the organization about their budget, administration, historical programs or projects, and a general understanding of mission and goals.


To get all of the necessary materials for drafting a grant proposal, research is needed to support the funding request claim and to demonstrate the capacity of the organization to carry out the project or program they are requesting funds for.


The proposal from start to finish varies on the time needed to collect all the necessary information and creating a well articulated funding proposal. Ideally, funding announcements should be viewed on a grants calendar and the preparation process should take at least a few months.

Final Products

For the grant writing service provided by NC Science Communications, LLC the follow will be included as deliverables: