Single Subject Video

Before graduating from NC State University, my class for videography required a video product for my final exam. Additionally, I was working for The Very Berry Lab and was asked to edit and produce a graduate student's research experience. This is an interview style video.

Multiple Subject Video

Another video style is with multiple people interviewed, and brought together to tell a story. For example, a Master student's journey in starting graduate school and having the help of undergraduates to conduct their research. 

Videography Explained:

Videographer - Capturing video footage for the purposes of creating content. 

Editor - Edits the video(s) that are used for the creation of content. This often is using professional software to enhance lighting, color balance, audio sync and clarity. 

Producer - Planning on how the story is being presented to the audience. Production often starts through the creation of a [Treatment] plan of what video and audio is needed to be captured, to create content.

[Treatment] - A plan of what a-roll and b-roll need to be captured, the audio needed, and how these pieces will fit together to tell a story. The treatment is planned before recording takes place. 

For the videography service provided by NC Science Communications, LLC the follow will be included as deliverables: